Egoli - the place of gold

we also call
our city joburg!

Johannesburg is Africa’s most vibrant metropolis, commercial and financial hub! Now proudly taking its place as Africa’s second largest city, Johannesburg is growing at an unprecedented rate, constantly and continuously transforming itself. 

It is the financial and industrial capital of South Africa, the economic powerhouse of Africa and was founded in the heydays of one of the world’s biggest and richest gold rushes. Earning it the name “Egoli”, meaning ‘place of gold’.

A versatile business events destination, Johannesburg can host a vast array of events; from small meetings to massive international gatherings and conventions.

The City boasts accessibility, excellent infrastructure, unique transport features, increased hotel inventory, superior meeting venues and world class support services.

Johannesburg, One of the world’s greenest cities. The greater Joburg metropolis covers an area of 2300 square kilometres, making it larger than Sydney, London and New York and similar in size to Los Angeles.

Johannesburg is home to 3.8 million people, the majority of whom are aged between 19 and 39. Forty percent of the population is under the age of 24.

Joburg is home to the tallest office block in Africa (The Leonardo, a 55 floor mixed-use property in Sandton).

The city enjoys plenty of sunshine (an average of 12 hours per day) and very little wind.

There are 17 nature reserves in the City.

There are 12 river systems running throughout the City.

An amazing 40 percent of the entire world’s human ancestor fossils have been found in areas close to Joburg.

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