The world is currently faced with so many challenges that have separated humanity in many ways including the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic which prevented us from travelling and connecting with one another physically. We are hopeful that the dawn of 2021 will bring us good news and allow us to reconnect again. Our hope is that the 2021 JCI World Congress would be an opportunity to reconnect with old friends, to find solutions to global issues we face in communities and to revive the spirit of Ubuntu which is an African philosophy meaning “I am because you are.” It speaks to the interconnectedness of humanity and us showing compassion for one another. It is for this reason we have called the theme of the Congress: Ignite Compassion, Unite Humanity.

We are excited to be working on an action-packed programme that will galvanise members back into action.



This will focus conversations on entrepreneurship and share insights to develop and sustainable small businesses.

This will focus on leadership in the midst of a crisis.





This will focus on mental well being and thriving during difficult times.

This will focus on the Future of Education, Skills of the Future, and the Future of Work.



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These four goals are not only universal but are fundamental to achieving sustainable livelihoods particularly of young people. They are important to the aspirations of young people as they continue to grow in these unprecedented times.

The Congress will be taking place in Johannesburg; the city of Gold. It is a city that is well balanced with business opportunities, tourism sites; from safaris to cultural tours and many iconic landmarks that form part of the rich South African history, including the home of Nelson Mandela. Not only is Johannesburg a hub of economic activities, it is a city that is a stone throw away from the Cradle of Humankind, the place where humanity is believed to have begun. The trip to South Africa will therefore be an opportunity for you to come “home”.

It is often said there is no place like home, and we are working tirelessly to ensure your experience of the 2021 JCI World Congress is a treasured memory. We look forward to you coming home.

2021 World Congress Organizing Committee. Junior Chamber International South Africa. 

Innovation Centre
Mark Shuttleworth Street
The Innovation Hub, Tshwane
South Africa

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